senior spotlight | shivani | palo alto senior portraits

This senior spotlight is a little bit late… I’ll be catching up on several of these over the next week or two. Better late than never? So maybe these should now be called “Grad Spotlight”!!! Anyway, this young lady is absolutely adorable – a very sweet & beautiful girl… she and her boyfriend, Will, are a great couple!

Meet Shivani, in her own words:


One word that describes me: UNIQUE

My friends would describe me as: GENEROUS

My biggest self indulgence: FOOD

You will most likely find me (where?): SLEEPING… IN BED

Something I haven’t done but want to do: DRIVE CROSS COUNTRY

3 Most Played songs on my iPod: BABY GOT BACK, LE TIGRE, JOURNEY

The Brand of Jeans I wear: SEVENS

Website I surf daily: EBAY

What I had for breakfast: PROTEIN SHAKE

One thing I will never do… WATCH SCARY MOVIES ALONE

Something I haven’t done… SNORKLEING

My favorite restaurant… CHEESECAKE FACTORY

Something I can’t live without… WILL

My idea of a great night out… A NIGHT IN

What I just ate… DAR BAR

A website I stalk daily: FACE BOOK


My idea of a perfect day: SLEEPING.TV. EATING

I can’t stop thinking about… WILLIE

Something I have too much of…

What I will miss about high school: NOTHING

My dream job: MAGZINE EDITOR

What you liked about your session with Amy (shameless plug 🙂 ). EVERYTHING