Amy is recognized as one of the best dance photographers on the West Coast.  Amy has studied the art of movement and how to capture it to create images you will be proud to show off!  Whether you are looking for a creative dance photo shoot to promote your career or your parents are looking to decorate the walls of their home with custom art (starring you!), we've got you covered!

dance photography


My daughter had an absolutely fabulous time at her dance photo shoot! Amy is very knowledgeable of dance technique and how to capture images that even a self-critical dancer will feel are beautiful. The shoot was fun, personal, and interactive. We are absolutely thrilled with the gorgeous images from Amy and definitely recommend her for any dancer!

-Megan Lin

Ordered images are retouched with absolute detail and care.  Every purchased image is delivered as both a matted print and as a matching digital file.  I am so excited for you to receive images that you and generations to come will cherish forever.

your finished portraits

It's show time!  We will schedule a reveal session so you can see your beautiful images and choose which of our products will make up your final order, whether that's one of our stunning portrait boxes or a creative wall display.  My goal is for you to want them all, but you only buy what you absolutely love! 

ordering session

Once you're done with hair and makeup, we begin the photoshoot. We will use advanced lighting techniques to showcase your best lines and hard earned musculature.  You will be able to review your images on a screen as we shoot to ensure proper technique and angles.  I guide you the entire way so no need to be nervous! This is hard work but a lot of fun!


On shoot day, you simply show up and one of my hair and makeup artists will take it from there! We can go for a natural look with light makeup or go full glam like you're walking the red carpet. The choice is entirely up to you - we just ensure you are photo ready!

hair and makeup

We will plan out wardrobe, concept and poses in advance to make the most of our shoot together.   I provide you with a clothing guide and tips for a successful dance shoot.  We also have a studio wardrobe to supplement what you bring!  I find it helpful to put together a few mood & pose boards on Pinterest to help us strategize your shoot.  


This photoshoot is all about YOU!  I’m excited to hear how you want to be photographed and your vision for the shoot. You can ask all the questions you’d like. This step makes my clients feel so much more comfortable once they step in front of the camera. We cover all of the details to ensure you have a flawless session!

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The Process

Every session, like every client, is unique. They’re also a lot of fun! Prior to your session, we’ll have an over the phone or in-person consultation to discuss clothing, props, hair and make-up, and other ideas you might have for your session. We will make an effort to get to know you so that we can capture and highlight your personality as best possible. During your session, I'll make you look beautiful and feel comfortable in front of the camera. So, you don’t know how to pose? No worries - I’ll give you plenty of guidance. I tend to steer away from stiff poses and formal backgrounds, so I’ll most likely situate you in such a way that natural expressions and positions are likely to occur. The end result is an amazing set of images that you'll be proud to share with friends and family. 


WHAT SHOULD I WEAR for my photoshoot?

We suggest you bring a wide assortment of leos, skirts, costumes, booty shorts, etc. We will provide you with a leo guide to help you choose the best leo for your body type. We also have a wardrobe closet at the studio full of colorful skirts, layering items and fabrics. Don’t forget moveable streetwear as it is a fun alternative to dance wear. Tights are not needed unless you are doing audition shots. Feel free to send us images of your clothing prior to your session and we’ll help you choose! With regard to pointe shoes, please take the time to make sure your shoes fit you properly and don’t restrict you from fully stretching your feet! We have seen many dancers who have beautiful feet hidden by improper pointe shoes.


Your session will be hard work, but FUN. Do not stress ahead of time - we will be your guide. RELAX - these are no rush sessions. During your actual session, we take the time to work through a flow so that we can make sure you come away with images that show off your technique, strength and beauty. We take the time to fine tune your technique and add energy and expression as the icing on the cake. The end result is an amazing set of images that you’ll be proud to share with friends and family.


At the time of your session, we will schedule an ordering appointment for about 2-3 weeks after your session. Creative session orders will take place in person at the studio or via a video chat so we can discuss crops, retouching, and other details that we find easier to move through in person. At the ordering appointment, we will sit down and view a slideshow of your images set to music. We will then revisit your favorite images and see how each would appear in various crops, layouts, etc. If you are doing an audition session, we will provide you with an online gallery to view and select your images


If you are doing a creative session, we offer a set of image files as one of our collections. Also, if you purchase a portfolio album or box, please note you will receive several web-ready image files with our watermark. The audition session creation investment includes three fully edited image files.