a musical session | julia | los altos high school senior portraits

Introducing Julia, one of my 2010 senior models… she is the beautiful younger sister of a previous client who was also musically talented! Her sister plays the marimba, and at one point we hauled her entire marimba out into a field to photograph her playing there. If you’ve ever seen a marimba, this was quite the task! So when Julia showed up with a violin, I thought, now this is a bit easier to manage… and fit into the frame! I used to play the violin. Not very well… I think the only reason I ever started was because I loved the intro to Madonna’s song “Papa Don’t Preach”. I had visions of myself touring with her… In fact, this past weekend I ran into my former violin teacher in Chicago at a class reunion. I remember showing up at her house and she made me cut my nails every week (it was the 80s and we all wanted long nails). It was a short career and probably for the best. Anyway, enough about that… Julia plays the guitar too, so we had a lot of fun incorporating her musical talents into the session. Until next time…