Introducing Penelope…


I’d like you to meet Penelope. I have known Penelope since she was 12 years old. We met through a wonderful program called Friends For Youth. I was assigned to mentor her through her crazy teen years. When I first met Penelope, I remember she called herself Kornelope (after her favorite band Korn) and if I recall, was wearing a studded dog collar. She was also very shy. Fast forward um… ten years! She is now a mature 22 year old, and someone who I am extremely proud to call a friend. She has evolved into one of the most dynamic people I know. I have invited Penelope to be a regular contributor on this little blog of mine, and I think things are going to get A LOT more interesting around here. I’ll continue to post pictures from my sessions, but Penelope will be adding some fun and stylish stuff… so you’ll have to stay tuned! I don’t just invite anyone to do this, so here’s why… a little bit about Penelope… Style. She has extremely good taste in sooooo many things. Style. Style. Style. Creativity. In every aspect of her life – art, cooking, etc. In fact, she’s a great photographer too. Eccentric. She has the same eccentric taste that I do… we love colors, quirky clothes, Sofia Coppola movies, Anthropologie, French movies, etc… . Gourmand. She loves food and finds wonderful food items everywhere she goes!! She is a dreamer and a thinker. And a great writer and a music lover… I promise you’ll enjoy her posts! Welcome Penelope!

And nope. I didn’t take those pictures. She did.

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