have you ever looked this good while hiking? | kate | los altos high school senior portraits

I bet not… Everyone knows I love the urban photography scene, but every now and then I get the “nature” bug – usually on request.  So for this shoot, we ventured into the foothills.  And boy did we get what we bargained for – bugs… can you see them in any of these pictures?  There were hundreds of them… constantly swarming around our heads!  And little frogs, and salamander eggs, and poison ivy, and bobcats… all lurking around us.  And did I mention peacocks?  Well, we wished they were swarming us – we chased one around a bit hoping she’d pose for a picture but no such luck.  Anyway, thanks to the Northern California wildfires, the sky was one giant softbox (nature’s studio lighting).  And here’s the result…