The Best Behaved Puppy (and cute kids, too!)

As many of you know by now, dogs are easily one of my favorite subjects.  I have done numerous sessions with dogs of all sizes, and they are always so much fun.  So when I got a call from this family to do photograph their two children and their new golden retriever puppy, I knew this would be a great session. However, between my vacation, the Santa Cruz wildfires, etc., it took us a while to pull this together – I think I was sending emails telling them to stop feeding her until I could get out there for the shoot!  Anyway, she was the best behaved puppy I have ever seen (I have a Beagle that is incorrigible, so I know a well-behaved dog when I see one).  Can’t beat a golden retriever puppy, cute kids and an orchard-esque backyard for really cute pictures!