a very special post

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been doing quite a few sessions of “girls and their horses” over the past couple of years. I have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and decided to break out a gallery on my website and dedicate it specifically to the equestrians out there! So, if you are a horse lover and haven’t been to my website in a while, please check out the new equestrian gallery on my teen site! We are fortunate to live in the beautiful Bay Area, featuring golden rolling hills, blue skies and fields of flowers, all providing a brilliant backdrop for these images. Over the weekend, I decided I wanted to do a special post to introduce my new gallery, and contacted Lara, a great girl who I photographed this summer with her beautiful horse, Frisbee. Lara is originally from the Netherlands and moved back this summer, forcing her to leave behind her beloved horse. We put together a great album for her as a souvenir of their relationship. While working on the photos for her album, I decided to make a little video clip to help introduce my new equestrian gallery, and sent her an email to ask if it was OK to post it on my blog. Sadly, she wrote back and informed me that Frisbee had broken his leg in the pasture several weeks ago and had to be put down. We captured some wonderful images, many of which I think display their sweet relationship. In loving memory of Frisbee…

  1. Alexandra Delatorre says:

    I love it. You did a beautiful job. Just stunning. 🙂

  2. Sandra Clifford says:

    Oh God Amy, what a gift to have these gorgeous moments for this darling young woman and her Frisbee. Once again your art touches lives.

  3. Genelle Barr says:

    i miss lara so much!
    and of course Frisbee as well. he was an amazing horse.