A Post by Penelope: On Reading, Writing and one of the Best Cities in the World





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So on top of book selling, blogging and baking – I babysit occasionally. One couple in particular, both who were English majors, whom I not only look forward to conversing with but reading! In the midst of animal figurines, Legos and SpongeBob they always have the most amazing books on their coffee table.

I’ve just finished ‘Four Seasons in Rome: On Twins, Insomnia and the Biggest Funeral in the World’ by Anthony Doerr.


This beautiful book, a memoir of sorts, chronicles a year (four seasons) in the life of new parents under truly extraordinary circumstances. They have just welcomed twin boys, not long after (a few hours) Anthony receives news that he has just been granted a fellowship at the American Academy of Arts and Letters in Rome. On top of feeling overjoyed for these new parents I remembered what it was like feeling anonymous in a city.


I spent some time in Australia last year, specifically in Melbourne. The trip, prompted by a breakup ended up being about anything and everything but that. I spent an immense amount of time walking all over the city, getting acquainted with the sights, sounds, music and people of Melbourne. But most of all I wrote.

Postalco Notebooks saved me. They are really a traveler’s notebook. I had a few with me, their covers are cloth coated and are filled with micro grid paper and beautifully made in Japan. They’re the kind of notebook I imagine people keep in their libraries and as the years pass they wander into the room, pulling the notebooks from a shelf just to recount their adventures.

Postalco Notebooks are on sale now at Spartan but you can also find them at Canoe in Portland, Or and at Tortoise


Getting lost in the maze of alleyways in Melbourne, not a bad way to find yourself…