a jazzy little … senior | rachel | los alto high school senoir photography

OK, so if you’re wondering about the title of this blog post, it’s kind of an inside joke… based on something that was yelled out to us while we were on location for this session (the session actually had very little to do with jazz or being jazzy).  Always interesting in downtown San Jose :).  Anyway, as usual, this was definitely the urban adventure!  A beautiful young lady with a wonderful, creative spirit and a very cool mom (ahem… sorry about the lack of good shopping spots!).  Thank you so much for your patience… I had hoped to get this sneak preview up before I went to Portland but ran into some technical glitches.  All resolved now… so here’s a big showcase to tide you over until you can see all of the pictures.  Really, a great session!


  1. tommie says:

    These are beautiful! This girl looks like the photographer jessica claire!