Baby Kate

I don’t often post pictures of my own kids but this little gal is my Baby Kate.  That’s what we call her – not Kate or Katie, but Baby Kate.  She’ll be 20 one day and we’ll probably still be calling her Baby Kate!  Anyway, her favorite activities can be summed up in the following three pictures.  She is 1 and proud of it (see first picture below).  She loves to drop everything on the ground and give us the “where’d it go?” look (see second picture).   And she loves peek-a-boo but sometimes misses her eyes and covers her ear (see third picture).  She also loves having her hair combed, despite having a lack of hair.  Stay tuned for pictures of her twin sister, Ivy, or the “Ivy-nator” as we call her :).




  1. Carly Dartez says:

    Oh my goodness she is a cutie! Can’t wait to see pictures of Ivy, or should I say Ivy-nator.