the perfect combination

I belong to a group of photographers known as SPA (Senior Portrait Artists).  Every year there is an event that takes place to gather, share ideas, learn and network.  This year, I attended for the first time.  The event took place in Tucson, Arizona at the Ventana Canyon Resort.  There were ten high school seniors who were nominated by their local studios and flown out to model at this special event (note:  it is my goal to nominate one of MY  2009 seniors for this event next year – it was a ton of fun both for the models and the photographers!).  We spent the first day shooting in and around the resort.  It was the second day that was my “match made in heaven”.  Our shoot was scheduled to take place at the Pima Air Museum (home of the infamous airplane boneyard!).  Some of you may know I am a pilot, so this was really a dream come true for me.  I really cannot imagine something more fun than photographing beautiful models with beautiful aircraft!  If only I had a second day to explore ALL of the planes.  But beggars can’t be choosers.  Here’s the first of a two-part post with samples of my images from the SPA event (obviously some of these were taken at the resort and not at the air museum).    If any of you juniors/seniors out there are inspired by this post, I do have access to some pretty cool airplanes… hint hint…