Senior Photographer – 2020 Ambassador Gabby

Oh my gosh!  Three blog posts in one week!  This is getting crazy, eh?  Today, I’m excited to feature Gabby, one of my 2020 Amy Drake Photography Senior Ambassadors!  I have actually known and photographed Gabby for quite some time as she used to dance at my daughters’ dance school and she is also a member of the Presentation High School Dance Team, which I have photographed for the past four years.  She is an awesome dancer with beautiful feet (yes, in the dance world there is such a thing as “beautiful feet”!).  These images are from her Ambassador session.  What is an Ambassador, you ask?  An Amy Drake Photography Ambassador is a high school senior who acts as a spokesmodel for the senior portrait side of my studio.  Each spring, as do many high school senior photographers, I put out a call for Ambassadors from local area schools.  I look for students who share similar values, and are active, well-rounded individuals who I think will represent my brand well.  Gabby is an example of just that, and based on the other half of my business focusing on dance photography, this was just a perfect match.  Not to mention that she has a great personality and is funny and outgoing as well.  As an Ambassador, we do a short session (this one) over the summer prior to the senior year, and then we’ll do her full session when she is ready during her actual senior year… so expect to see more of her!  I thought I’d throw in an extra image showcasing Gabby’s dancing, as I had this gem in my archive and thought it was fun to showcase again!  Several of her team mates are also my Ambassadors, so stay tuned for posts featuring their sessions as well!  Senior season is in full swing so please contact us if you’d like to get on the books – we are booking late September, early October at this point.  Fall dates fill up quickly, but it’s great to take advantage of cooler temperatures and fall colors!

Senior portrait session of high school girl

Senior portrait in blue dress


Variety of senior portrait poses



Showcasing dance photography