Pegah | Bay Area Fashion Photography

Sometimes as a creative it’s necessary to shake things up a little. It helps me keep a focused perspective, and it ensures my creative energy stays fresh and challenged. Not to mention sometimes it’s just plain fun to do a little fashion photography.

I’ve worked with Pegah for almost eight years now. Though I often photograph high school seniors, Pegah is definitely not in high school any more. She’s a beautiful twentysomething who is extremely photogenic with a great sense of style. She always comes with new inspiration and I love her out of the box ideas. One of Pegah’s ideas for this quick shoot was to incorporate some of the studio lights as props. Black and white photography suited this style and concept perfectly. It is so lovely to collaborate with her.

Fashion Photography shoots also give me the opportunity to work in my studio, which I haven’t been doing as much lately thanks to California’s amazingly good weather. (I know; sunshine?! What a lovely problem to have!) But every now and then, I need to be reminded that I truly love studio work, too. Studio and on location photography both have their merits. On location provides character and depth of light and shadow. Sadly, it can also provide rain, clouds, and general interference from Mother Nature. Studio photography offers the ability for the photographer to be in complete control of the environment: the lighting, the props, the lack of windblown hair (though it can always be arranged!). On location photography of course will feel more organic, and slightly more natural with transient sunlight. However, a studio shoot can provide a focus and intimacy that’s profound because there’s nothing distracting you from your subject. In studio photography can yield photos that focus and hone in on the client in a beautiful simplicity. Sometimes we just need something simple and something fun.


Bay Area Fashion PhotographyBay Area Fashion Photography