Georgia | Bay Area Senior Photographer

I had the pleasure of capturing Georgia’s senior portraits, and even though it’s been some time ago, her presence and her positive attitude have stuck with me so I have to share these gorgeous shots despite how long it’s been overdue. Better late than never, indeed.

I really love being a Bay Area Senior Photographer, and Georgia was one of those girls that really made my camera click. She had such an amazing presence I dare say she was a muse. Just looking at her, she has old world elegance mixed with modern feminine prowess. She really has the whole package, and did I mention the camera loved her?
We had a blast shooting around urban downtown San Jose and around her gorgeous home. We stumbled upon so many stunning, colorful backgrounds that really helped us play off her clothing in each unique setting. We even had a mystic, magical light coming into her front yard for the image by the gate.

Georgia’s wardrobe choice is a great reminder to not be afraid of color. There’s definitely some tried and true rules of what not to wear to your photography session (perhaps for another post on another day), but avoiding patterns does not mean avoiding color. She wore bright and rich jewel tones that we were able to accentuate with fantastic outdoor backdrops. She also stayed true to who she is, and what she loves. When you do that, confidence exudes through you and into your portraits.

Georgia is now studying at Columbia University, and I wish her all the luck in the world on her future endeavors.

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