happy valentine’s day video | san jose children’s photographer

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s something a little bit different for you… as some of you know, I actually started out as a videographer. I do love it, and quite honestly view the world as a music video – I’m definitely of the generation when MTV used to play music videos. When I started my photography business, I was quick to set aside the video aspect, as it was more technical. I was recently inspired to dabble into the moving image world again as the camera I use every single day has HD video capabilities. After a few days of practice, I decided to put together this little Valentines Day video of my twin six year olds. I didn’t think they could hack it but they endured 6 hours of shooting, prop shopping, multiple locations and quite honestly, we had a great time. We had to stop at the Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown San Jose for lunch and (ahem… a much needed glass of wine) and continued on. After another twenty plus hours of editing the footage down, I think we came up with something I’ll treasure for many years, and hopefully they will too! As you can see, my twins look very similar but are very different in style… one fashionista/one plain jane, but very best friends!

  1. Wow! That’s amazing! Love the video! The girls are growing up so fast and absolutely gorgeous. Nice work…I can see that you are going to be busy busy doing more of these in the future!