teeny tiny little addison | santa clara county newborn

This is little baby Addison. She is the tiniest baby I may have ever photographed, at just under 4 lbs! This was a joint session with Annie Rowland of Annie Rowland Photography in Santa Cruz. This baby’s daddy, Dustin, is a mutual friend of mine and Annie’s so we teamed up to do the shoot, which was a lot of fun. Dustin owns DLP Construction and he has worked in about every single room of my home as well as my office & studio! He does great work – particular with wood work (cabinets & built-ins) so if you are ever in need of a great contractor for your home, let me know and I’ll give you his contact info! In fact, the day this tiny little gem was born, he was just finishing the remodel of two of our bathrooms! Dustin and Andrea were so cool, calm and collected during this session – I think we were more nervous about handling this little tiny baby than they were about the shoot. The shoot took place in their home, using gorgeous window light. Little Addison just slept away and we posed her every which way, put hats on her, little knit wraps, etc. So cute!