olivia | great smile and a super cool longboard | los altos senior pics

Olivia is just plain cool. Or whatever the modern day term is for that… but she walked into my studio with this great friendly personality, a really awesome longboard, and… drum roll… Doc Marten boots!! I have been waiting for the day that they make a comeback, and voila! Here it is 2011 (I was wearing them daily in 1991 – ahem… please don’t do the math!!! yes, a toddler in Docs…). Anyway, Olivia has a really wonderful smile, and I can’t wait to get her out into an urban setting later this summer. From what I hear, she’s a pretty great water polo player too!

  1. Esther says:

    Oliviaaaa you are so beautiful! I agree with Amy, you’re smile is wonderful!

  2. Meg Nichols says:

    sexxxyyyy lady!