Models Wanted – Class of 2012 AND 2013 | San Francisco Bay Area Senior Pictures

It’s my favorite time of the year! The weather is warming up, beautiful locations are blooming and I start accepting applications for my Studio Model Program! OK, I know I’m dreaming right now – it’s still raining cats and dogs, so hopefully you are all huddled around your computers just waiting to fill out an application! As past participants would tell you, being a model for Amy Lynden Photography is A TON of fun! Way cooler than America’s Top Model where they make stand on the tip of an iceberg for hours on end or submerge you in tanks of purple water… Well, we might do that – you never know :).

Anyway, this year, I have BIG NEWS for you. We are accepting applications from not only the Class of 2012 but ALSO the Class of 2013. Yep, you heard right! I have so much fun with my models that I get a little sad when they graduate, so this way, I get you longer :). And I know I’ve got some younger siblings of former clients & models who would be perfect for the job! So read more about my Studio Model Program, and then fill out the online application. You’ll get a free model session, a discount on your senior portraits, a free family session (Moms LOVE this new bonus) and some other fun stuff along the way. To get you excited for your first photo shoot, here’s a little video from some of my model sessions!