senior spotlight | see mo go

Welcome to the 2nd edition of our Senior Spotlight! This week we are featuring Mo! Mo is one busy lady. I get the strong impression that she is going to be VERY successful. And she has this super cool scooter that she rides around. And a helmet with a sticker that says “Mo Go” on it. I find it interesting that my past two senior spotlight girls have described themselves as passionate… And it’s true – they were both passionate about the things they love doing and believe in, which is part of the reason that I enjoy working with this age group!

Anyway, here goes… all about Mo, and a few pictures to boot…


One word that describes me: Passionate

My friends would describe me as: unpredictable

My biggest self indulgence: TiVo

You will most likely find me at school, following up on my many commitments.

Something I haven’t done but want to do: study abroad

3 Most Played songs on my iPod: For Good – Wicked, 3×5 – John Mayer, Your Guardian Angel – Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

The Brand of Jeans I wear: Lucky Brand

A website I stalk daily: Twitter

My favorite TV show: That 70s Show

My idea of a perfect day: a spontaneous trip to an unexplored area.

I can’t stop thinking about… going to college next year.

Something I have too much of… worry for other people’s problems.

My dream job: Designer for Apple

What you liked about your session with Amy: I got to dress and pose in ways that represented me as an individual, not just a typical teenage girl.

What I will miss about high school: the friends who I’ve seen almost every day for years.