lil’ monkey newsboy | children’s photography

I have photographed this lil’ guy three times.  And, I’ve noticed every single time, there is a monkey theme.  At six months, he sat in a chair with a little stuffed monkey.  He had monkeys painted on his walls.  At one year, he posed for his holiday card decked out in a monkey sweater, making a silly face. This time around, at 2 years old, we did an “urban” session.  And he showed up with a monkey tee shirt, and a very cool monkey t-shirt at that!  Well, monkeys are always cool right?  And everyone knows little boys love hats, too, right?  Um… no, at 2 years old they get chucked in the street… no thank you, mom.

PS – I realize this is a gorilla on his t-shirt…

PSS – I recently learned that the difference between a gorilla and a monkey is a tail :).