something to kick off the new year (a month late)…

Happy New Year (one month late!).  My December was absolutely crazy, so I have spent the month  of January getting getting organized for the New Year.  One of my New Year’s resolutions is to post more frequently on my studio blog.  I was going through my 2007 sessions and came across this first image.  It is easily one of my favorite images from 2007.  This image is from a session with one of my 2007-2008 senior models and her younger sister (who I hope will be one of my 2008-2009) senior models :). I’m not even sure they have even seen this picture…   Anyway, something about it just struck me.  I have twin girls and I find myself jealous of “sisterhood” sometimes.  There is just something so fun about this picture – flying blond hair, laughing… I’ve included a few more from their sessions.  More good stuff to come in 2008!  Oh by the way, I FINALLY have a Facebook page... check it out and become a fan :).




  1. Yeah Amy, that first image has got to be one of your best. The emotion is priceless.