Elena – Mover. Shaker. Risk Taker. Valley Christian High School

Los Gatos Senior Photographer

Valley Christian High School Senior Portraits

As a Los Gatos Senior Photographer, I get to meet so many amazing young adults, and Elena is definitely one of them. She’s a senior at Valley Christian High School, and she was an absolute blast. We shot in and around downtown Los Gatos, which provides the perfect urban background for senior portraits.

This Bay Area high school senior has such a radiant personality and was so much fun to shoot. I actually had the pleasure of photographing her sister Bekah last year. They’re both amazing track athletes who have worked so hard for all of their accomplishments. There is definitely no outrunning them, that’s for sure. Elena’s clothing choices were right on the money with a casual bling style. I really love when teens are true to their style and who they are right now in this moment. It shows confidence, optimism and the opportunity to look at photos twenty years down the road and say, “Yes! I loved that shirt! It was so me.” (Though admittedly, those of us who grew up in the 80s or 90s are looking back saying, “What was I thinking?!”)

Elena’s t-shirt said it all: Mover. Shaker. Risk Taker. Isn’t that what high school, and college are all about? It’s this amazing time in your life where the world is literally your oyster. It only happens once. The character you build, and the friends you make will most likely last your lifetime. It’s the cornerstone for the rest of your life. John Mellencamp sang, “Hold onto 16 as long as you can. Changes come around real soon make us women and men.” So why not move it, shake it, and take a little risk to discover yourself, be who you are and embrace life? I love that this is exactly what Elena is doing.

Los Gatos Senior PhotographerLos Gatos Senior PhotographerLos Gatos Senior PhotographerLos Gatos Senior Photographer