Miles, Dizzy, & Satchmo | Pet Portraits | San Jose Rose Garden

A few years ago, I was pulling away from the studio in my car when I saw a man walking three beagles. My first thought was “that man is insane”. I have one beagle who is absolutely incorrigible – gets into our refrigerator, our garbage, once ate a whole pint of vaseline, a diamond earring off a stranger, etc. So I could never imagine having him times three. I figured out the man with the three beagles lives near the studio and would see him walking his dogs regularly. His beagles appeared to be so much better behaved than mine! I also noticed that one of the beagles looked an awful lot like my beagle. Last fall, I received a call from a man wanting portraits of his three beagles so I knew it had to be the local I had seen. Sure enough, I asked him where his beagles came from and we figured out that one of his beagles is from the same line of show dogs as my beagle (not that my beagle exhibits any show dog-like behavior LOL). Chester, a professional jazz musician and his partner, David, wanted family images for their holiday cards as well as individual portraits of each dog. Did I ever have fun during this shoot! I couldn’t believe how well behaved these dogs are! I just about died when we put them in this suitcase and all three sat there just perfect!!

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