Mommy & Me | Mini Sessions | south bay children’s photographer

This blog post is way overdue (as are many!) but so many beautiful images resulted from these sessions that I still wanted to share… Mini sessions are few and far between at ALP, but we came up with the idea for natural light Mommy & Me sessions. When we sent the word out announcing this concept, we weren’t expecting it to be as big of a hit as it was. We had so many people inquiring and wanting to sign up that we had to extend the amount of time slots we had originally planned on, just to fit everyone in. Each family came in to the studio and had about 25 minutes per session where we captured some really beautiful images. We had quite the turnout: mothers and sons, families, grandparents, babies, toddlers, current clients, and even some new clients who we truly hope to have back someday! It was so fun to capture these families in their elements, interacting with one another in such sweet ways. We adore the pictures that came out of these sessions. In fact, one of the things we were most excited about with these sessions was getting to offer our clients a new product of ours which was included in their mini session package, a product we are calling boutique frames. These frames are to die for. They come in hundreds of shapes, colors, and patterns so we knew they would be a big hit and what a perfect time to introduce them to our clients! They were the perfect fit for these sessions. Perhaps we’ll do these again this year… we’ll see! Here are a few favorites from these sessions…

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