beautiful windy day collaborative shoot | san francisco bay area photographers

On a very windy Sunday in March, I joined forces with the extremely talented James Hays to splurge on a day of creativity. James packed his little car to the brim with all of the equipment he could – I’m pretty sure the rear of his car was dragging all the way down I-80. We had everything from concert lighting to beauty dishes to good old softboxes. Mix that with our two gorgeous models, Shivani & Kelly, who graciously and generously volunteered to spend their day with us, and we had a great day of shooting. We were studio bound in the early part of the day, but were able to head out to my favorite roof top parking garage in downtown San Jose where we encountered major winds but amazingly beautiful skies. Who knew San Jose could look so beautiful?! Here is a little video that pretty much sums up the whole day…

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