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OK, everyone get ready for an onslaught of newborn images!!! I have been shooting newborns left and right all year – and I ADORE them. OK, I just reread that sentence and it sounds really bad… I have been photographing newborns like crazy this year – and they are rapidly becoming one of my favorite subjects! Today I was photographing this little gal when it popped into my mind that she was the very first little girl I have photographed this year! How weird is that? Every single baby so far has been a baby boy?! What is up with that? Anyway, this little lady just did not want to give in and go to sleep for us. I think she really liked my studio and wanted to hang out. For those of you who have been there, I’ve got a really sweet ceiling (kind of looks like whipped cream…) and if I were a newborn, I’d kind of find it quite entertaining. Mix that with flashing lights, new faces, shiny silver equipment, etc., and this little girl was fully entertained. Not even fussy, just hangin’ out. Now everyone knows that newborn images look so sweet with a nicely sleeping baby. After about, ummmm, maybe twelve feedings, she finally conked out and we got to work big time. Oh, but these were so worth it!! Momma is the ingenue behind Urban Darling, a personal stylist company, and we will soon be working on a partnership to stylize all of my “darling” family clients when they just don’t know what to wear for their family pictures. But, in the meanwhile, Corinne is busy with her new little cutie! And anyone that knows Corinne will get a kick out of this last image! So, with that, here’s sweet little Lucy Kate!! Stay tuned… I’ll be announcing a brand spanking new newborn site soon!

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