speechless… | another senior spotlight | kristi!

One word that describes me: Charismatic

My friends would describe me as: Passionate

My biggest self indulgence: Chai Tea

You will most likely find me (where?): Barn or Theatre

Something I haven’t done but want to do: Sky Dive

3 Most Played songs on my iPod: Echo- Gorrilla Zoe, Come On Get Higher- Matt Nathansan, I’m Yours- Jason Mraz

The Brand of Jeans I wear: Sevens

Website I surf daily: Facebook

What I had for breakfast: Crepes

Something I haven’t done… Bungee Jump

My favorite restaurant… BJ’s

Something I can’t live without… Cell Phone

My idea of a great night out..Bond Fire at Beach

What I just ate…In And Out

A website I stalk daily: Gmail

My favorite TV show:Americas Next Top Model

My idea of a perfect day:Beach

I can’t stop thinking about…UC DAVIS IN THE FALL

Something I have too much of…Pictures

What I will miss about high school: How Laid Back

My dream job: ACTRESS

What you liked about your session with Amy: HER CREATIVE IDEAS!!!