JMK – “Just My Kids”

Most photographers know that the acronym “JMK” refers to “Just My Kids”. You’ll see this littered all over photographers’ forums as most of us children’s photographers like to practice on our own kids, provided they’ll let us. I am lucky right now, as my babies are too young to protest, so I have decided to take advantage of the situation and take as many pictures as possible before they figure things out and make me start paying them to pose for me! The last 6 weeks of my pregnancy & the first 12 weeks of the girls life, I had the unfortunate experience of something called PUPPP – translation: living hell – or – the equivalent of poison ivy all over the body – itching, oozing, etc. Therefore, I wasn’t exactly in the mood to take a lot of pictures so when I started to get better, I had to catch up on all the newborn stuff I had missed out on. And I had all these cool newborn ideas stored up in my head… so, one day, Kate, our little comedienne, decided to go along with my plans. Here’s the result.